Beyond Knowledge & Experience, What Are Employers Looking For?


Dina Sergi
Dina Fialho, Human Resources Director at MyHealth Centre

When considering the first in-person impression, the interview, it’s often the make-it or break-it for most candidates. The interviewer is obviously looking for knowledge, experience, education, references, etc., but the not-so-obvious aspects of the interview, the level of passion, enthusiasm, preparedness, and willingness to commit to the applied-to role, are some of the top considerations hiring managers to look for when differentiating one candidate from the next.  Passion and enthusiasm can be displayed by the extent of pre-interview practice and research one does to prepare themselves for the role, including organizational research. Behavioral and situational questions during the interview will provide the interviewer with the lasting impression of how a candidate will handle pressure, patient care,

Irrespective of how much experience, knowledge, education, etc., one has, they should be mindful to not come across entitled, over confident, or too casual.

Lastly, although an external candidate is not familiar with the culture of the organization, inquiring about the culture and whether or not it suits both parties will further ensure it’s a mutually beneficial long-term employment relationship.  Every hospital, independent health facility, and clinic beats to its own rhythm. IHFs and clinics tend to be more fast-paced and require a high degree of independent technologists. There may be more appetite for experienced technologists in such locations.

Having worked in healthcare for 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to interview various technologists, medical staff, and administrative staff for various roles. The majority of my experience has been within growing independent diagnostic centres and physician practices.

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