You too could be on the Board


Gerald MacDonald, RTR, RTMR

The OAMRS has recently put out a call for nominations for the Board of Directors.  Each year there are voluntary positions open to be a Director on the OAMRS Board.   You too could be a leader of our professional association.

I first became a Director after being voted in during the 2011 Annual General Meeting.  After recently changing jobs, I was considering new challenges, and was approached by a Director whom I happened to work with, and had known professionally for some time.  It didn’t take me long to decide to throw my hat in, and I collected all the information required to be nominated for a position on the Board.

Volunteering on the Board has been very rewarding, though challenging at times.  I became very involved with Board activities and was selected as the Chair of the Board in July 2013 by my fellow Directors, serving three years as Chair.  During my time as Chair, the Association saw an immense transition, as the long-time CEO Robin Hesler retired, and Greg Toffner took over. With new ideas and a change in the focus and direction of the Association, there was great excitement, but also significant challenges. A pivotal point came when we embarked on a full organizational review by an external consultant. This review provided a third party perspective on the structure and governance of the OAMRS. As a result, we have made sweeping changes to the policies that govern how we run the association; produced a new Strategic Plan that will point the Association in  new direction; and realigned our financial and staffing resources to better meet our goal and most importantly meeting the needs of our members.

I’m telling you my story in hopes that you too can see the importance of our Association, and how it can influence our profession in Ontario. Although we have a clear direction and resources in place that certainly does not mean that we are without challenges. Although I feel strongly about the significance of our work as an association, it is obvious to me that not  all MRTs and Sonographers see it the same way.  We are not growing our membership as we should be, and in fact, we have been losing members over the last number of years.

The Association needs to make it clear on the role we play in support of our disciplines, and how we differ from the role played by the College of Medical Radiation Technologist of Ontario.  We must communicate the value we offer to our membership, and continuously improve that value to show the “return of investment” of membership.

Although we have come a long way, there are important challenges for anyone dedicated to the profession that would like to play a role as a Director on the Board.

I welcome any questions you may have about what is involved in the nomination process or about being a Director.

Please contact me at

If you are interested or know someone else who may be interested in becoming a Director, find the eligibility criteria, information for the nomination of candidates and the nomination form here.

Gerald grew up, the youngest of 7 children, in a lobster fishing community in Nova Scotia and received his x-ray training in Halifax. After working in his home town for a few years, he moved to the big city (TO). He has two children in University and a 12 year old that keeps him busy, coaching her hockey team.  He enjoys boating in the summer and still plays old timers hockey in the winter.  Professionally, Gerald is leaving Ross Memorial Hospital  (Lindsay) where he  set up a new MRI Department six years ago.  Gerald is taking a new position near-by in Peterborough (PRHC) where he will be the Program Support Partner, in the DI Department, a new position that bridges technology with clinical applications.  He will continue to keep a foot in the clinical environment by staying on as a casual MRI Technologist.

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