There’s more for an MRT “Gadget Freak” outside the Hospital

David McDougall, RTR  Business & Product Manager – CT at Toshiba Canada Medical Systems Limited

I enjoyed my childhood.  We had fun, played hard, and for this reason, I was introduced to the diagnostic radiology department at the early age of 8.  During a school yard football game, I found myself unexpectedly heading to the Emergency Department.  I was fascinated how the x-ray technologist was able to take my picture and see the broken collar bone.  Through follow-up x-rays and a 2nd clavicle fracture, the interest into anatomy was sparked.  This was the beginning of my path into medical radiography.

My career in radiography has constantly been evolving since graduation from the E.O.S.X.T.  I moved from Kingston to Toronto, for full-time employment opportunities.  At Toronto General Hospital, I started as an X-ray tech that quickly progressed into CT at Mount Sinai and Princess Margaret.  In 2003, with the beginning of SARS, I transitioned over to Sunnybrook Health Sciences as CT/Interventional Technologist

After 5 years at Sunnybrook , I started asking the question – Where do I go next with my career?  That is when I first met a CT Application Specialist and my career perspective opened into another level.  I love being a Radiographer.  I enjoy the patient interaction and being part of the medical team.  The satisfaction of knowing that I have applied my skills and knowledge at the end of each day was the positive motivation to get up and do it again the next shift.  But as a CT Application Specialist, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with other CT technologists across Canada.  Thus my career now transitioned into the Medical Device sector.

Working in a Medical Device Company offers a broader spectrum of opportunities for technologists that are pursuing career growth.  Entering as a CT Application Specialist, the opportunities included sales, marketing, and management.  At Toshiba, I have experienced all of these business paths, while travelling across Canada and around the world for advanced training on future CT technology.

Most radiographers enter into our profession because of the dual benefits; providing patient care and the opportunity to work with advanced imaging technology.  My wife says I am a gadget freak, always looking for something new that could make a task easier.  In the hospital, I always wanted to be the first to learn when a new piece of equipment was purchased.  As an Application Specialist, I am at the front of the line to learn about the newest technologies and teach fellow technologists about the products and develop solutions for implementing into their workflow for better patient care.  For someone who loves to learn and in turn share their knowledge, the role of a CT Application Specialist is very rewarding.

It has been 21 years since I first started my training at E.O.S.X.T. and I still feel that my career has only begun.  My career has brought me to the position of National Business & Product Manager – CT with TOSHIBA Canada Medical Systems.  On a daily basis, I interact with Radiologists, Technologists, hospital administrators, and company representatives.

As diagnostic imaging technology continues to evolve, the need for skilled clinical Radiographers grows.  New opportunities are expanding beyond the main modalities as engineers and scientists continue to develop new products and advanced applications.  It is the Application Specialist that will teach the clinical staff.  Thus ensuring that diagnostic imaging will continue to improve the quality of patient care and better the lives of everyone, everywhere.

If you are looking for career growth, the medical device sector will expand your potential.

David McDougall loves living just outside Toronto.  When not traveling, I enjoy relaxing with my wife and our 3 dogs.  It is serene to look out from our neighbourhood, across the corn fields and see the CN Tower.
My favourite response when the on-call pager would go off, “Time to Save Lives”.  I don’t miss the pager.  I do love knowing that I continue to contribute back to those on the front line of Canadian Health Care.

One thought on “There’s more for an MRT “Gadget Freak” outside the Hospital

  1. Hello David:

    A voice from your past! …………..As your former instructor at E.O.S.X.T. in Kingston, I enjoyed reading your blog about where your career path has taken you and I am certainly pleased with the direction it has gone! Thanks for sharing your story with others, particularly new graduates, who can see the opportunities for career advancement in future years. I am retiring in Feb. after just under 34 years as an educator in our field. Stories like yours are very rewarding to read as I reflect back on my own career. Best wishes for the next 21 years!

    Richard J. Woods, Clinical Coordinator,
    Kingston General Hospital

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